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This AIN'T yo daddy's ambient music... it's um... well... you'll just have to listen! (preferably with headphones or good wireless speakers as most of these tracks depend heavily on bass and panning to sound right... and left as it were!)

All apologies if something starts auto-playing. EVERYTHING
is set to NOT autoplay, so it's an issue on the Wix end. You
should be able to scroll down and stop it.

A little psy-ambient by a talented composer to listen to while you browse since my archived tracks aren't available yet -turns out they're on that other HDD -the one I didn't install on the new PC (*sigh*):

JiMiG2pt0's Archived Tracks:
These are mostly contest entries. Typically, you're given little 1-10 second clips of music, usually broken down by instrument/voice. You have the entire song's worth of clips and then some. Your job is to mix everything together to make the best sounding song that you can in approximately a 2-week time frame. (IF you find the contest on the first day it's available!)
While these contests are fun and can help with publicity, you don't end up with the full rights to the song. You can share them as examples of ability (a musical portfolio), but that's about it. This is why this is the only place you'll find these songs.
OK, grab your best headphones and/or wi-fi speaker(s) and/or sound system and MIND the BASS!!!
I don't know... everything just went all '404' and stuff...

If UR having trouble playing the tracks below because UR behind a firewall, tr adding "JiMiG2pt0.com" to your list of safe sites or refreshing the browser -and again, thanks for checking it out. You rock!  \m/


2200. Silly Games (Out of Control feat. Britt Daley Re-redubbed -Remastered)

1800. Silly Games (Out of Control feat. Britt Daley -Remastered)

1500. DeathDancer, StarKiller (Remastered)

1300. Labrynth A (Jabra Studio Remix -Remastered)

1100. Magenta Magnetar (Remastered)

1000. Solar Prominence 1pt0 (Remastered)

900. Nimble 1pt0 (Remastered)

800. Weightless by Our Lady Peace (Hvywt Remix -Rem)

700. Love Pain & Sorrow

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