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Starting Music for March 3rd, 2022

Aloha world! Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Thursday, Mar. 3rd –the 62nd day of the year. On this World Wildlife Day, we have cloudy skies and light snow on the ground. Following are the weather stats from 7:45 a.m.

Sunrise = 06:56 hours; yesterday = 06:57 hours

Sunset = 18:19 hours; yesterday = 18:17 hours

Forecast high = 43; yesterday = 52; actual = 53

Forecast low = 21; yesterday = 30; actual = 25

Winds = NE, 0-12 mph; yesterday = NE, 0-5 mph (they picked up as the day went on)

Barometric Pressure = 30.20; yesterday = 30.10

Humidity = 72%; yesterday = 81%

Precipitation yesterday = 0.05”; previous day = 0.00”

Snowfall yesterday = Trace; previous day = 0.00”

Official snow depth yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

(we currently have a thin blanket of snow on the ground thanks to overnight flurries)

Moon phase = Waxing Crescent (0.9%); yesterday = New (0.2%)

Moonrise = 07:46 hours; yesterday = 07:20 hours

Moonset = 19:30 hours; yesterday = 18:20 hours


This evening, those of you with clear skies can once again enjoy the darkened skies provided by the New Moon. It will make spotting the occasional “shooting star” (meteor) easier, and you’ll also sporadically see satellites silently zip across the sky. However, the best time to catch a shooting star is just before dawn due to the Earth’s rotation pointing our hemisphere directly into the path space dust and debris.

In the evening just after sunset, you can see the conical zodiacal light spreading through Pisces, Ares, and Taurus. A neat trick for spotting it is to try using your peripheral vision.


I opt out of all unnecessary cookies, don’t do those ‘what kind of animal are you?’-type surveys, don’t ‘like’ posts my friends/family share if I can’t find/don’t trust the source, and avoid most of the ‘big media’ sites. Nonetheless, I still have to remove trackers every morning:

Today = 6,875; yesterday = 8,240; running total = 143,674 (20 days)


Things that I find ironic:

Irony #04 – A nation’s leader doing everything they can to look “tough”, but in the process simply proving they are still that scared little child they’ve always been because they never found a true source of a strength. Any surveyor of human nature can see this. It is the classic “bully” tactic akin to what a trapped animal will do. Lash out hoping to make the “scary” thing go away.

A smart, confident leader would not resort to shady involvements of poisoning political rivals and attacking smaller, weaker neighboring nations. They would use their national resources and general goodwill to build a buffer zone of alliances or simply pull back and fortify as much as possible. They would also graciously accept defeat and work to improve if they wanted to regain that leadership.

Forcing your military into engagements they want no part of and don’t believe in only weakens you even further. Lashing out at protests indicates your fear. Our founding fathers knew this and made sure the right to free speech and peaceful protests were protected by the Constitution. They were mostly confident leaders brave enough to face their fears, take on challengers in an honorable way, and respectfully agree to disagree on some subjects.

Moving onward..


1837 – President Andrew Jackson (7th) and Congress recognize the Republic of Texas as a sovereign state

1861– Emancipation Manifesto (of the Serfs) signed by Alexander II of Russia, freeing serfs and granting them full citizenry rights

1863 – Track width of 4’-8-1/2” authorized by US Congress for the Union Pacific Railroad and President Abraham Lincoln (16th) approves the National Academy of Sciences charter

1897 – The education of blind and deaf 6-year-old Helen Keller begins (Anne Sullivan teaches)

1913 – Organized by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, then led by Inez Milholland, a woman suffrage procession marches through Washington D.C. joined by Ida B. Wells and her African-American delegation

1939 – Mahatma Gandhi begins to fast in Mumbai/Bombay in a protest against India’s autocratic leadership

1985 – Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard star in the 1st episode of “Moonlighting”

1986 – Metallica releases the “Master of Puppets” album


1847 – Alexander Graham Bell (telephone inventor)

1911 – Jean Harlow (the original ‘blond bombshell’ who had a great sense for comedic timing as a wise-cracker)

1962 – Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Olympic gold medalist) and Herschel Walker (part of the most famous trade in NFL history)

1966 – Tone Lōc (a. k. a. Anthony Terrell Smith; rapper)

1978 – Douglas Osmond (one of the Osmond boys; growing up we watched “The Donnie and Marie Osmond Show” regularly)

1982 – Jessica Biel (actress; she’s appeared in a number of action and sci-fi films that I’ve enjoyed)


NBA (upcoming)

Dallas Mavericks (37-25) vs. Golden State Warriors (43-19)

NHL (upcoming)

(No teams that I follow are scheduled)

MLB (upcoming)

(All spring games cancelled through March 07th; 1st two regular-season series for all MLB teams cancelled. The people in charge are tone-deaf: millionaires arguing over money while much of the world, especially those who rely on MLB sales, struggle to make ends meet. Baseball was already falling behind in popularity, this ain’t helping. If not for their greed we could be watching/listening to..)

Cleveland Guardians (0-0) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (0-0)

Texas Rangers (0-0) vs. Kansas City Royals (0-0)

MLS (upcoming)

(No teams that I follow scheduled to play until Saturday)

..and the following collegiate teams..

NCAA Men’s basketball (upcoming)

#23 Ohio State Buckeyes (18-9) vs. Michigan State Spartans (19-10)

(How are the Buckeyes still ranked a Top 25 team?! Maybe the update is later)

SMU Mustangs (20-7) vs. Cincinnati Bearcats (17-13)

(Honestly, I’d be OK with a Bearcats upset here –it’s an Ohio vs. the world thing)

North Texas Mean Green (22-4) vs. UTSA Roadrunners (9-20)

NCAA Women’s basketball (upcoming)

North Texas Mean Green (14-11) vs. UTSA Roadrunners (6-20)

Yesterday/last night in professional sports, the Cavs couldn’t quite handle the Hornets, but the Stars beat the Kings. In collegiate sports, it was brutal -the Lady Golden Flashes lost to the Lady Falcons, the Lady Zips lost to the Lady Bulls, and the Lady Mustangs lost to the Lady Owls.


My itty-bitty portfolio and everything that I’m watching saw improved results this morning on the markets. (NOTE: “overall” below refers to: since I’ve been tracking daily; mid-January for MTCH and T; mid-February for VMEO).

MTCH +$1.80/share; -$6.61/share overall

VMEO +$0.03/share; -$0.46/share overall

T (AT&T) +$0.11/share; -$1.39/share overall

The Minds coins cryptocurrency (based on Ethereum) was down a bit this morning, approximately -$0.04 to ~$1.65/coin; -$1.23/coin overall.

Check out Stockpile for traditional shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there.


Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” by Metallica from the ‘Master of Puppets’ album (1986). This was the year that I graduated from high school and moved to Texas a few months later to join my Dad and step-family. I visited the previous year and was enthralled by the big-city lights, nightlife, and warm temperatures in and around Dallas. My stepbrother and I shared an affinity for Heavy Metal music, but mine leaned more towards hair bands where his leaned more towards what we considered “thrash” in those days (most if it seems tame by today’s standards). He introduced me to Queensrÿche (their early albums like The Warning and Rage For Order), got me hooked on Iron Maiden, and is responsible for opening my eyes to the true lyrical genius of some of the heavier songs I would have otherwise ignored.

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, Keep Your Head Right with Ball, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.



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