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Starting Music for Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2022

Good morning, NE Ohio and the rest of the world! It’s Tuesday, Feb. 8th –the 39th day of the year. Here in the Hall of Fame city, we have cloudy skies to start the day, an expected low of 18 degrees Fahrenheit early this morning, and an expected high of 29. We saw 0.00” of precipitation and 0.00” of snowfall yesterday and overnight. The recorded overnight snow depth dropped 1” and is now approximately 10.00”. Winds are out of the West at 9 mph, barometric pressure is sitting at 30.09, and the humidity is 78%.

The sun came up 1 minute earlier than yesterday at 7:28 a.m. and will set 1 min. later than yesterday at 17:51 hours. The moon is now waxing gibbous (49.8%) and will be out again at 11:23 a.m. It set in the wee hours this morning at 1:02 a.m.

On this date in 1987, I was living in Lewisville,TX. With my Dad and step family, and working for the Kmart just down the street where I would make life-long friendships that still continue today. I had just moved to Texas the previous August after graduating from high school. I eventually took over the payments of my stepsister’s Ford Pinto and turned it into the legendary (among my friends) Turbo Pinto! OK, not really, I just stuck a “Turbo” emblem that a friend found on the side of the road on the back of it. >;}

Today’s birthdays include Jules Verne (known as the “Father of Science Fiction” –my favorite genre), Dmitri Mendeleev (devised the periodic table of elements), Actress Lana Turner, and composer John Williams who wrote most of the themes for Star Wars.

Moving on to sports -today I’ll be rooting for the Dallas Mavericks (NBA) vs. the Detroit Pistons, the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. the Washington Capitals, and Team USA in the Winter Olympics. Last night, the Lady Buckeyes beat the Lady Scarlet Knights, and Team USA had some great moments including a world record by Nathan Chen and a silver medal in team figure skating and men’s skiing Super-G!

At the close of yesterday’s markets, only one stock I’m watching saw a gain. NOA was up $0.21/share and $0.37/share since I started watching it. The other two I watch (still haven’t pulled the trigger on Match) were down: MTCH by -$2.57/share and -$2.43/share since I began watching; T (AT$T) -$0.15/share and -$1.28/share overall. The cryptocurrency Etherium was up this morning $0.07 to $2.36/coin. By the way, I use Stockpile for traditional shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there.

Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with the next song in my playlist –“A Child’s Story” by BlueTonicWorld from “The Deepest Blue” album. This is one of the gems in the electronic genre that I stumbled across when I was doing Music for Gaming on Google+. It’s great background ambience for working! My favorite song from that album is actually “Broken”. Unfortunately, no links are available for the original song and album at this time, so you’ll have to go hunting for them!

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, Keep Your Head Right with Ball, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.


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