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Update 4.0

Please see the blog for Update 1.0 through Update 3.0 (links below).

Here are the highlights:

The first single from the forthcoming Alone Together album by JiMiG2pt0.

Video (YouTube):

Audio (SoundCloud):

Update 1.0:

Update 2.0

Update 3.0

The Archived Charts Page:

Update 4.0:

"Patience" by Suduaya, (c.2013) -let the video play after the song if you enjoy this style of music!

NSFW Warning!! Some images of female characters contained in the video may be considered Not Safe For Work!! The overall theme does not appear to be intentionally risque and other interpretations may just reflect differences in what is deemed taboo by different cultures.

Blog Link:

Today's Charts Link:


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