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Welcome to the homepage for CaveBalls (a guild on the Zorskog world in the Forge of Empires game). Although it is meant for the guild, all are welcome to peruse and maybe learn a thing or two. It's a work in progress, so check back often.

If you're looking for a guild that will teach you how to dominate, but leave it up to you to become a fighter, a trader, or some combination thereof, then CaveBalls just might be the guild for you! We don't know all the tricks (which is why we also welcome experienced and/or high-ranking members), but we know a lot of them and we like to share what we know. We win GE on a fairly regular basis (multiple winning streaks including several of double-digit proportions!)

Current Guild Features:

Level 32 (800 Daily Prestige; 2,780 Support Pool; 16% Recruit/Heal Troops Bonus; 3 FPs Daily via Town Hall; 8% coin/supply Cost Reduction for building construction)

* 02, 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 FP Swap Threads
* 1.9 Thread
* ToR and Obs/Arc Leapfrog threads to help lower-ranked members get BPs (If no one's looking for BPs, they essentially operate as extra 10 FP swap threads)
* Fair and Unfair (for GE/GB) Trade Threads
* Guild forums with tips, tricks, and more
* Contacts for going-rate new GB goods kits
* All 4 levels of GE opened weekly; Active in BG

* Free FPs (Captain's Challenge) for sustained GE activity resulting in Championships

(we have multiple double-digit Championship streaks, including one that was 20+)

Following are the 2 rules and 5 guidelines that we require for you to become a member. Read them over and if you like what you see, come join this young guild that is already a top-300 guild on the Z server with nearly 3,000 of them!

Nothing is mandatory per se, but harmful\low activity may result in being kicked

Forge of Empires:


We have 2 Rules and 5 Guidelines for being a part of CaveBalls (this is the only thread you will be added to until you acknowledge you have read it):





#2.) RESPOND!  

Rule #1. RESPECT! Be respectful + supportive + kind to each other!

All team players here, so greedy gamers should move on.


Caveat to Rule #1: Don’t feel like you have to bend over backwards. Just be cool and fair. Anything within reason goes for main guild thread, otherwise please use the appropriate guild thread. Private message an officer with any issues that you've been unable to resolve amongst yourselves.

Rule #2. RESPOND! -to all direct messages a guild-mate sends you! Review all guild-wide threads to see if it applies to you.

Newbies to the game: Review all the '101' threads (we'll make them available as necessary or requested) to see if they answer your questions first.




#1.) TRADE!



#4.) BUILD!

#5.) STAY!

Guideline #1. TRADE! Post (simplified) fair trades -no more than 1 age apart. (1:1 for same age goods; 2:1 for lower to higher; 1:2 for higher to lower) Posting unfair trades to the ** Guild Fair Trades ** thread is strictly forbidden! A mistake here or there is no big deal, but repeated mistakes may result in expulsion from the guild.

Unfair Trades Caveat: We have an ** Unfair Trades for GE ** thread. Please do not abuse it. Use it for GE only. If you don't see it, please ask for it to be revived (we have backup copies in the forums as old threads with no new messages will disappear after 30 days or so). Unfair trades for other purposes should be done privately or on the market and NOT posted to ANY guild threads!

Guideline #2. TAKE PART! Participate in the Guild Expedition (if you can) to help boost the level of the guild. Do not hesitate to ask an officer or leader if you need help (or request revival of the  ** Guild Expedition 101 ** thread. We have only one requirement at this time: if you join in a higher age that we don’t already have plenty of goods stocked-up for, you will be asked for weekly donations based on the age you are in to cover the cost to the guild for opening GE levels above 1. Request revival of the **Guild Treasury Donations ** thread for info.

Guideline #3. POLIVATE! Polish, Motivate ("polivate"), or "Aid" (click the Aid/Star button) all guild members AT LEAST once per week. This benefits you (coins/blueprints). It is advisable to do this daily for all friends and neighbors too (except those neighbors you choose to plunder or that plunder you).

Guideline #4. BUILD! If you start a new Great Building, post a new thread for all Guild members (or ask an officer for help) announcing your GB in the "mud/stix", and give all the officers admin rights to it (so we can delete it after all guild members have donated). If a guild-mate starts a mud thread, EVERY GUILD MEMBER must place at least one Forge Point (FP) on the Great Building (GB) -even if it is already out of the mud/stix by the time you see the thread- to help get it started.

Guideline #5. DON’T LEAVE (ABSENCES)! Actually, we get it, sometimes RL has to take priority. If you do have to leave, please try to do it on a Monday (lower affect our GE standings). For temporary timeouts, message a guild officer and we’ll try to work something out. Keep in mind that if you leave the guild, you have to wait 7 days before you can rejoin!


Failure to follow through on any of these is grounds for kicking (as is inactivity over 7 days unless you have notified us first), but you will receive a warning first.

Current Officers:

Skroob4Pres – Founder/Captain

Just Q – Sailing Master (2nd-in-command)

AZGunslinger - Boatswain (3rd-in-command)

Diogenes (Battlemaster)

Weirdo the Wild (1st Mate)




Guideline #6. BLITZ! The Blitz threads are NOT mandatory; they are there to help guild-mates get blueprints for key GBs or to level a GB. If your GB is selected as the Blitz target, paperclip it to the Blitz thread. If someone else's GB is selected as the Blitz target and you don’t want/need those particular BPs, do not donate so many FPs to it that you crowd out the donations of the people hunting for blueprints (the "hunters"). It is okay to donate enough to stay under 5th place, as that helps the target GB level faster and distribute blueprints to the hunters (this makes you a "supporter"). The owner can put as many FPs on as they like because they are ineligible for placement prizes.


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