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This AIN'T yo daddy's ambient music... it's um... well... you'll just have to listen! (preferably with headphones or good wireless speakers as most of these tracks depend heavily on bass and panning to sound right... and left as it were!)

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JiMiG2pt0's Featured #TBT Track:
One of those stunning ambient tracks with so much layering and amazing textures that you can't help but sit up and take notice, but chill enough to keep from interrupting your concentration! "Out Looking In (Original Mix)" by Alejo

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

-Albert Einstein

Hmmmm... looks like my old site (some of the yellow text links below) went all 'error 404' on me when I wasn't looking -guess I'll have to make an archives page here. For now, see if you can find the bonus track on this page.  :)

This [(for PC: below + to the right; for Mobile: below) = my stuff] is mostly what I like to call Rocked-up, Funkified Ambient-House & IDM, although you'll also find some Chillax/Trance as well as straight-up Club/House and Guitar Solos. Below (+ to the right) are all the creations that I have full license to distribute as I see fit (a. k. a. free under creative commons license). Click here for my portfolio tracks (contest entries, proof of work, etc...)

Check out the "Portfolio Trax" page for "missing" songs; you'll also find the story behind each song there, although clicking on a song below should open up the actual song link on SoundCloud which should also contain the story behind each song) -and again, thanks for checking it out. You rock!  \m/

Latest Videos:

1 Shot 4 A Thrill

Hippos Love Chocolate

My drive + "Strange Wings"

The Earth Melted The Moon

My music over a game trailer

All my fully-licensed tracks in order of creation are below (Latest tracks on top) 3500 = SoundCloud only (just for sampling); 3600 = WiP; 4100 = LoopLabs exclusive


Check out my latest LoopLabs creations (join and start making your own!):


4300 - Dance of the Fish Speakers 2pt0

4200 - Submariner's Breach


4000 - The Earth Melted The Moon


4800. Summer Psychotic

4700. Leaves Of The Fall

4600. Hippos Love Chocolate

4500. Dance Of The Fish Speakers 2pt5 (Brighter Version)

4400. Improv - Pointy 1pt0

4300. Dance Of The Fish Speaker's 2pt0

4200. Submariner's Breach

4000. The Earth Melted The Moon (Long Version)

Featured Tracks

4000. Original looplabs version

4200. Original looplabs version

3900. Original looplabs version

You found it! (If it won't play on your mobile device(s), check it out on a PC when you get a chance!)

  • ZZ Ward - Put The Gun Down (JiMiG2p0 Bootleg Bluestep Remix)
  • -
  • JiMiG2pt0 feat. ZZ Ward
00:00 / 00:00

All my releases in one playlist:

3900. Alien Moon Base (Remastered)

3800. Backyard Pastoral #1

3700. Congo Drop

3400. Time Echoes

3300. BrainSaw (The Reboot Song)

3200. NSA (Messin' with All UR Basses)

3100. It's Complicated 1pt5

3000. A Day's Rhythm (Rock the 808s) 2pt0

2900. Liquid Cosmos (Raw)

2800. RawImprov - 1 (16-FEB14)

2700. Bass Antics by SeamlessR (JiMiG RoxItUp)

2600. Welcome Home (Lightside Edit -Rem)

2500. Ms N U

2400. Dreaming Juggernaut 2pt4 (To Battle!)

2300. A Day's Rhythm (Rock the 808s)

2100. Assimilate 2.5 (Cleaner Metal Version)

1700. Spring Flings & Wintry Interludes (Can't Hold Me Back)

1600. An Eerily Dark And Floydian Night (Remastered)

1200. Welcome Home (Darkside Edit -Rem)

0600. It's Complicated 1pt0

0500. Dreaming Juggernaut (Rem)

0400. Evening Respite (Rem)

0300. Sunday Morning (Rem)

Tracks 0100 (First Net) & 0200 (Dropped Connection) were horrible, horrible first attempts at Dubstep and thankfully are no longer available anywhere online!  >;}

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