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Why Should I Donate?



1.) You're a generous person who likes to support folks that do the dirty work of sifting through hours of music for the rare gems to share.


2.) You realize that the more you support me, the more time I can devote to continuing to find the best electronic instrumentals (& more) for your listening/playlist-building pleasure.

ROCK ON!!  \m/

In Lieu of a Donation, You Could Buy Something: 

I have a few Zazzle stores (everything is customizable; I get 10% of ea. sale) plus an ebay seller account (I typically get 20% of ea. sale -unless it's something of mine -in which case I get to keep a sweet, sweet 100%):



Zazzle Store #1JiMiG2pt0 (all things JiMiG2pt0!)



My ebay Seller Page: (you never know what you'll find there -sometimes it's just the 2 guides that I wrote, contact me if you want me to try to sell something of yours!)



Zazzle Store #2JiMiGnet (my old domain; unique

items featuring some of my old MS/HS sketches and

a few photos + NE Ohio sports fan stuff!)

Make sure to set your content filter to:

"Moderate"; otherwise you won't see all the PG-13

products!   :)


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