Super-sized Playlists

Because anybody can make a normal playlist!

PLAYLIST #1: "Like An 80s Radio DJ" on Spotify; Remember when certain songs got played back-to-back on the radio [Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" followed by "Living, Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)]" or a group of songs that went together on a concept album would all be played together [all 3 parts of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" along with "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" and "Goodbye Cruel World"]? That's the muse for this playlist that includes many genres and eras from the 70s on up!

BONUS PLAYLIST: "Randomly Cool Big List No.1" on Spotify; see also the Randomly Cool Vol. 01 through 06 line-up!

PLAYLIST #2: "Classics and Surprises" on Spotify; A slightly more hard-core version of the above. Not as long (yet!), but with better transitions (mostly) and connections song-to-song.

PLAYLIST #3: "All Things Dune" on Spotify; Every sog I could find related to my favorite sci-fi saga: Dune. Artists include Iron Maiden, TOTO, Graeme Revell, Klaus Schultze, Bassdbler, Astral Projection, and little ol' me!  :)

DAILY DRIVE PLAYLIST (Bonus): Not sure if this will wind up playing my recommendations or yours. Only one way to find out!

PLAYLIST #4: "The JiMiG2pt0 Ultimate Electronic Party Playlist" on SoundCloud; A little something to  help keep the party going. It's the perfect electronic music (mostly instrumentals) playlist to go with the weekend/party -here we go, here we go!!

PLAYLIST #5: "The M4G Best of Chillish Playlist" on SoundCloud; Looking to slow it down a bit and chill? This is the playlist you're looking for! [M4G = Music_4_Gaming]

PLAYLIST #6: "The M4G Best of Dub, Trap, and More Playlist" on SoundCloud; Looking for some sweet Dubstep and similar music but hate sifting through the countless offerings for the gems? Relax, I've done the hard work for you! [M4G = Music_4_Gaming]

PLAYLIST #7: "The M4G Best of Heavyish Playlist" on SoundCloud; Perhaps you prefer things a bit heavier, No problem. I got you covered there too! [M4G = Music_4_Gaming]

PLAYLIST #8: "The M4G Best of Mixed Bag, Experimental, and More Playlist" on SoundCloud; A playlist for the more adventurous music lover! [M4G = Music_4_Gaming]

PLAYLIST #8: "The M4G Best of Funkish Playlist" on SoundCloud; A little something for those who like to get down & funky -this one is one of my personal faves! [M4G = Music_4_Gaming]