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Deeper Strategies (FoE)

Maximizing Your Collection Time(s)

Timing is everything: maximize your collection time with recurring quests

Iron Age City.jpg
Recur Q06.JPG

Make sure you choose the daily before starting!

Daily Q01.jpg

Save these for collection times –they’ll help with any “Complete x other quests” challenges:

Daily EQ01.jpg

Finish off any previous quests, then start new ones before collecting:

Daily EQ02.jpg
Daily EQ03.jpg

Don’t forget to check your settlement (if you started one)! Finishing those quests can help complete other quests.

Daily SQ01.jpg

The navigator map quests can help as well, but try not to get too far ahead of your city’s age as the armies and goods required will match the age of the province. It is possible to work far enough ahead and use recurring quests to receive units an age or so above your own, but it’s not easy!

Daily NQ01.jpg

And don’t forget the event tasks!

Daily ET01.jpg

Collect things that help complete your quests and try not to collect any more than what you need (save some for coming back around to these recurring quests):

Recur Q07.JPG

..and things that might complete the dailies:

Daily Q02.jpg
Iron Age City2.jpg

DO NOT collect the silver from your tavern visitors until you’re sure that none of the next few event quests that you can complete require collecting tavern silver!

Don’t forget to collect the quest rewards as you go! Their prizes can help complete others:

Recur Q08.JPG

I usually save the “Spend XX FPs” quests for last, after there’s nothing more to collect. This allows me to roll through them several times (try to keep this in mind if you decide to grab a 1.9 spot or other large FP payout; in other words make payments in the recurring quest amount, cycling through the quests to make each payment):

Recur Q09.JPG

I’ll cycle through this one as many times as the “Collect xxxx supplies” quest covers it (more if some of the prizes are large amounts of supplies):

Recur Q10.JPG least 3x in this case:

Recur Q11.JPG can also construct buildings, then immediately sell them if you’re close to completing a coin/supply collection quest:


GE and BG can also help!

NOTE: Having GBs like the Blue Galaxy and Château Frontenac can boost the payoffs even further!

THAT’s how to take full advantage of recurring quests--AND this is why we do it (!!):

Since it's your "Unbirthday", you'll pay some coins and supplies in exchange for a random reward. See what some of them are below:

Fighter vs. Farmer

As a fighter, you'll want these GBs first: Statue of Zeus (Zeus/Soz), Cathedral of Aachen (CoA), Castel del Monte (CdM), and eventually: Alcatraz (Traz)

As a farmer you'll want these GBs first: Lighthouse of Alexandria (LoA), Tower of Babel (ToB), then Frauenkirche of Dresden (Dresden/FoD)

As either a fighter or a farmer, you'll have to balance the above with defense for your city, as well as the opposite of what you're shooting for:

As a fighter, you're still going to need goods for research, the initial construction of the GBs, etc.

As a farmer, you're still going to have to fight in order to complete some quests.

Try to figure out (or just randomly pick) a percentage for each one (75% fighter / 25% farmer; 90% farmer / 10% fighter; 50/50 -whatever) and stick with that as a rough blueprint for decision-making.

Either way, you're going to want to get your city generating the most FPs you can squeeze out of it since FPs form the backbone of the FoE economy and are the only way to level your GBs!

Which building should I go with?

Keep in mind your decision from above (fighter or farmer), then look at what the building will provide. Next, look at the building's footprint -how big is it?

Example: A level 1 Shrine of Knowledge (SoK) is a 2x2 building (2 squares of real estate x 2 squares of real estate), so altogether it takes up 4 spaces. The coins it produces every 24 hrs. will vary depending on your age, but the FPs will always be one (unless you upgrade it to a level 2 for 2 FPs daily).

So that's 1 FP over 4 squares or 0.25 FPs per square. You'll find that's a pretty high percentage for FP production early on. A good rule of thumb: shoot for 1 FP per 4 squares and 1% boost of some sort per square.

Example 2: A level one Hagia Sophia also pays 1 FP every 24 hrs., but it's a 7x6 building (42 squares) for a measly 0.024 FPs per square; so you'd be better off with 9 SoKs (if you have them) in that space:


SoK  SoK  Sok


SoK  SoK  SoK

SoK  SoK  SoK


9 SoKs = 9 FPs over those same 42 squares equals 0.214 FPs per sq. The HS won't match that until it's level 14. For some people, that makes the HS GB something they won't put up until they've got their city mostly situated and they want to start power-leveling their Arc and other GBs; at which point you're going to need all the FPs you can get.

-Again, it also depends on what you have available; this is why there is no single "great strategy" in this game; just the "best strategy for you".


Just build whatever Great Buildings (GBs) you get the full set of prints for, and then make sure you have the Goods for the building's construction. If you don't have the Goods, try making trades in the market. If that doesn't work, message a high-ranking player in your Friends list, Guild, or Neighborhood about a "Goods Kit" for the GB you want to put up. You'll end up putting a bunch of Forge Points (FPs) on one of their GBs; in exchange, they'll trade the higher age Goods you need for some of the lower age Goods you have. The trades are even often in your favor two-to-one! (2:1 = 2 of their high age goods for 1 of your low age goods) 


Look for the GB you want amongst your friends, guildmates, and neighborhood. Try to grab one of the top spots that payout at least one blueprint (print/BP) -it will be for the same GB. If doing this amongst friends/guildies, try not to snipe a spot (pass a friend/guildie) intentionally, it's rude and unexpected (unless the GB is in a FP Swap Thread in which case it's usually considered 'open season' on the top spots). Amongst neighbors, some might still consider it rude, but it's not unexpected. Early on, just shoot for the 4th and 5th spots. Once you've got your 'banked' FPs (find them in your inventory), you can start shooting for higher spots, or when you win a big prize of FPs.



Get all of your first GBs up to level 10 ASAP!! Focus on the ones that fill a need or your strategy first. Low on population? Keep leveling that Tower of Babel (ToB). Low on Goods? Keep leveling your Lighthouse of Alexandria (LoA).  Working on your fighting? Keep leveling the Statue of Zeus (Zeus/SoZ) for the attack % boost! Need coins? Target some St. Mark's Basilicas for the BPs and build one! And DEFINITELY go after a Temple of Relics (ToR) because you'll start getting bonus prizes from "Relics" when you play the Guild Expedition (GE) -which is just one of the many reasons to join a guild! GE also often supplies all the ToR BPs you'll ever need!


As your city grows and you need space for other buildings, don't be afraid to "sell" your very first GB, the Oracle of Delphi (Oracle/OoD). You can replace its Supply production with Supply buildings, Event buildings, and eventually, other GBs.


If you're going to join a guild, try to get prints for the Observatory. They're among the hardest in the game to come by, but the Goods needed for constructing an Obs are just Stone Age! It provides goods for the Guild Treasury and Guild Support Pool Defense (particularly useful for both the old GvG and the 'coming soon' GvG (Guild vs. Guild battles)

Once you have a good base set up for your city, start targeting BPs for a GB called The Arc. This GB is a game-changer! It provides Goods for the Guild Treasury (automatically upon collection), but more importantly, prize bonuses for taking any of the top 5 spots on any GBs level. The boosts are low at first, but at level 60 it will pay 80% extra for each reward. So if you grab a top 5 spot that pays 100 FPs, 1,000 Medals, and 5 BPs, you'll actually get 180 FPs, 1,800 Medals, and 9 BPs!!

At level 80, it pays 90% extra for each reward. These 'sweet spots' have generated their own threads (message strings). When you see someone talking about a 1.8, 1.85, or 1.9 thread, this is what they're talking about. People will list their GBs when a spot can be guaranteed (locked) by simply placing the 1.8, 1.85, or 1.9 amount (depending on the thread) on it. Locking a spot means no one can put more FPs than they just did on the GB without leveling it (which should ALWAYS be left to the owner unless they state otherwise -see double-dipping). Although the person placing the FPs will only break even on their investment, they'll gain all those medals and BPs that come with the spot that they've locked. Keep doing this on Arcs, and you'll keep getting the BPs you need to open new levels (every level after 10 requires a new, full set of BPs) and medals for expansions/extra turns in GE. This is also another good reason to join a guild; established ones will have their own versions of these threads, along with FP swap threads, help to get a new GB out of the mud/stix (kind of like a virtual barn-raising), Goods trade threads, and more. 


Statue of Zeus (Zeus/Soz) -(attack % boost)

Cathedral of Aachen (CoA) -(attack % boost + coins)

[The above GBs at level 10 will provide a combined 90% Attack Boost -usually enough for you to start fighting your way through the first 2 levels of GE!!]

Temple of Relics (ToR) -if joining a guild and doing GE

Château Frontenac (CF/Chat) -(quest prizes boost + coins)

Castel del Monte (CdM) -(attack % + FPs)

Alcatraz (Traz) -(bonus army unit creation + happiness)

Cape Canaveral (Cape/CC) -(1 FP/level + smallish footprint)

GBs to shoot for later (it'll be easier to get the goods/FPs required for construction):


Blue Galaxy (BG) -(chance to double any of your first few collections + medals)

Arctic Orangery (AO) -(Chance for critical hits vs. same-age army units + 1FP/level)

Himeji Castle (HC) -(a boatload of Supplies + Spoils of War*)

Space Carrier (SC) -(a chance at Diplomatic Gifts** from successful negotiations + Special Goods + Medals)

-for now best max level for the 2 GBs above (HC and SC) = 58 (9 chances for a reward; it won't increase again until level 91!)

* Spoils of War: X percent of prizes for the first X successful fights (X depends on the HC's level)

Spoils of War can be any one of the following:

200 FPs

500 Goods

50 Diamonds

20 Rogues

Rogue Selection Kit

**Diplomatic Gifts: same as above, but with Wishing Well/Renovation Kit Selection Kit (vs. Rogue Kits)


Some past event buildings are great in place of Alchemists or Blacksmiths in regards to small-footprint production buildings to help complete those annoying "Finish x amount of x-time production" quests (each will get you FPs or Goods as an option!):

Sunken Treasure (2x3) -5 Goods (8-hr. slot); 1 FP (24-hr. slot)

Magnum Opus (3x2) -1 FP (8-hr. slot); age-dependent number of Medals (24-hr. slot)

Sleigh Builders (2x3) -15 Goods (building's age) in the 24-hr. slot

Don't bother putting down partial sets or Event Buildings that aren't level-maxed unless you're still kind of new to the game or just desperate for whatever the partial will provide. You're often better off using that space for something else. Each new Event often brings about a new, more powerful Event Building that you might consider using to replace an older one. There is also the possibility of getting the upgrades you lack via the Auctioneer (once you gain access to it) or in future events. If you've aged up since you first got the building/set, any building upgraded will jump up to your current age (which usually requires a One Up Kit (one age up) or Renovation Kit (more than one age up).

Ugh, I can't beat this Very Large Army!!

Use Boosts! Go for them and rogues when given choices in quests. Make sure you're matching up properly against your foe. If they're using 4 Fast and 4 Heavy, counter with 4 Light and 4 Ranged  (early ages through Industrial). BTW, from Industrial Age on down, 2 to 3 heavies plus 5 to 6 Rogues is almost always an automatic win against Large and Very Large armies -even with Auto-Battle! 8 Artillery is also usually good as long as there are 4 or less Fast/Light combined  (3 or less if it's two-turn Army).

Rogues are special units that turn into one of whatever other units you have on the battlefield at the same time. Instead of taking damage the first time they're hit, they turn into a heavy, ranged, fast, light, artillery, or some other unit. If they make it to striking range without getting hit, they deal nearly 100% damage. The game counteracts their power by always targeting them first in Auto-Batlle mode (until about Progressive Age or so).

Never run with an Army of all Rogues, though! If they don't have another type of unit on the battlefield with them to turn into, they simply die on the first hit they take!

The “Almost” Auto-Battle

(a. k. a. Juggernaut Formation)

With your Attack Bonus at 100% or higher (and similar Defense % for your attacking Army), this fighting technique works in most ages, and will defeat nearly any army (having battle-friendly GBs* helps):

1 Champion (current age –upgradable with 1-Up and Renovation Kits)

+ 2 Heavies** + 5 Rogues


* - SoZ, CoA, CdM, ‘Traz, AO, HC, TA, etc. (Event buildings that provide units and or Attack/Defense boosts for your Attacking Units are also helpful.)

** -or units with the best stats for the battles that you’ll be doing

(The only time I start losing with this formation is after the first 2 encounters of Tier 4 in GE, and with super-high attrition in BG. That’s when I pop some bonuses for a few more rounds before stopping for the day!)

First, choose Attack:


When your turn comes up, move your Champ to the nearest corner (you can also attack if it makes sense: terrain bonuses, etc.)


NOW hit “Auto-Battle”!


then "Results"


Now click on “Start Next Battle” (or Auto Battle if it’s a sure thing), rinse and repeat!




With high enough attacking army attack/defense percentages and a ‘Traz, you can use a single Champ or Heavy and 7 Rogues for each encounter, heavily cutting down on the space you need for military buildings!


You'll also be saving all the Goods you're not burning through trying to negotiate in GE and BG!

Double-dipping your GBs

What is double-dipping a GB?

Simple: stay on schedule with your collecting and double-dip:

Do your normal collection (including the GB) ----> add the few FPs needed to finish the new GB level ---> collect from your GB again, with the new level of payout!!

GBs that cannot be double-dipped:
Oracle of Delphi (OoD),
Statue of Zeus (SoZ)
Temple of Relics (ToR)

FP Spending

Don't bother trying to put a FP on every GB you see. You're better off just using the swap threads or targeting a few GBs with decent FP payouts and try to take 1st or 2nd place.

The FPs that you get every day from your city are 'spending' FPs and will show up at the top bar. The ones that you win from placing high on leveled GBs and other prizes are your 'banked' FPs (they show up in inventory).

You should be willing to throw 100 'spending' FPs on a GB to win 10 'banked' FPs because the only time you should spend 'banked' FPs is to complete a quest or to secure a high payout on another GB (other exceptions include power-leveling and buying a goods kit).

For example, say you've placed 50 'spending' FPs on a GB and 1st place pays out 30 FP. If you can spend 20 more 'banked' FPs to secure 1st place [no one else donating will be able to pass you without leveling it], then put those 20 on because once that GB is leveled, you will have replaced those 20 'banked' FPs with 30 for taking 1st place, increasing your bank total by 10 overall. The higher place you take and the higher the GB level, the more you stand to gain!

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