Household Tips:

Avoid Spots on Dishes: add bowl of vinegar to dishwasher

Broken Glass: get all those little pieces with a slice of bread

Clean Brush: vegetable oil

Clean Drain: 1/2-cup baking soda + 1/2-cup vinegar + 1 qt. boiling water (15-20 min.)

Clean Glass: vinegar + water or Pam Cooking Spray

Clean Microwave: "nuke" 1/2 cup water + lemon juice/lemons; wipe clean

Clean Shower: use a sponge that hold dish soap

Clean Toilet: coke overnight

De-clutter Dishwasher: mesh laundry bag for small items

De-clutter for Company: use cheap laundry baskets and place out of view

De-fog Mirror: shaving cream

Dust Blinds: use dryer sheets

Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas: line with newspapers or wax paper; replace as needed

Fine Caulking: 20cc syringe

Freshen Disposal: lemon and/or lemon/white vinegar ice cubes

Freshen Garbage: cotton ball dipped in essential oil under bag

Freshen Musty Laundry: ammonia + rewash

Loosen Rusted Screw: lemon juice

Make a Scrub Sponge: sponge inside mesh potato bag + zip tie and trim

Open Twist-off Lid: Bang edge of lid gently against counter; rubber dish gloves for grip

Polish Stainless Steel sink: buff with flour (wash, dry, buff)

Prevent Candles Dripping: freeze

Prevent Glue Sticking to Hands: dryer sheet

Prevent Sink Odors: run hot water, slow-pour cup of baking soda, add cup of lemon juice

Protect Metal Outdoor Items: wax

Protect Polish: corn starch

Puff Clothes: tennis ball in dryer

Relieve Mild Itching: make a paste with baking soda

Remove Adhesive: vegetable oil

Remove Burnt Food from Pan: soak a dryer sheet in it for a while

Remove Coffee Stains: make a paste with baking soda

Remove Food Stain: rub in chalk, then cleaner, then wash hot

Remove Garlic Smell from Hands: rub on stainless steel

Remove Masking Tape: lemon oil

Remove Pet Hair: use rubber dish glovesl

Remove Rust from Cast Iron: cut potato in half, dip in soap/baking soda, scrub; cut to new layer as needed

Remove Silver Tarnish: aluminum pan + baking soda + salt + boiling water

Remove Soap Scum: Pam Cooking Spray

Scratched Dishes: Buff with Cream of Tarter + a little water

Sharpen Disposal Blades: ice cubes

Sharpen Scissors: cut folds of aluminum foil

Shine Faucets: Pam Cooking Spray

Squeaky Door: Pam Cooking Spray on hinges (also soap or WD-40)

Store Paint: upside-down

Store Plastic Bags: cut-off bottom of 2-liter bottle

Stripped Screw Hole: add toothpick

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