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Tips and Tricks for Newbies


1.) If you’re just starting out, you WILL run out of things to do (unless you keep setting your production times for 5 or 15 minutes and do other stuff while you wait). Don’t think the game will always be like that! Within a few weeks you’ll be spending more time than you imagined if you take a little time to learn strategy from more experienced players.


You could also start up another city on another world. No two worlds ever come out the same! If you have another e-mail address, you could sign-up as another player and help yourself complete quests by self-trading/motivating/tavern sitting, etc…

At some point during the Iron Age, you'll unlock the ability to completely rearrange your city without having to sell anything or use  the "Store Building" prizes.

2.) DON’T recklessly spend your diamonds unless you’re planning on paying to play. This game can be played completely free to max levels if you have patience. Otherwise, plan on pulling out your wallet a few times or so a month.

​3.) Don’t build for AESTHETICS -build for utility- and avoid the decorations as much as possible! When someone just uses the ‘Aid’ button (PC/Laptop; Mobile = star symbol on same line as other player’s name), The Inno AI system/algorithm looks in your city for decorations first-->then stuff to polish-->then stuff to motivate. YOU ALWAYS WANT MOTIVATE! Most motivated production building can’t be plundered!











So if you have enough daily-playing friends and few decorations, you increase your chance of everything being motivated. Then you just have to make sure to always set your goods buildings for 1- or 2-day cycles and check in every day at that time to collect. If someone plunders you and only gets coins, it will discourage them from coming back.






















So remember! Only keep as many decorations as necessary to keep your residents enthusiastic (120% above happy) –so that smiley face is smiling wide, not just grinning (the wide smile means extra coin and supplies from everything that you collect from). Fewer decorations = more motivations.

SIDE NOTE: Targeting specific-age buildings for Polish/Motivate (P/M, a. k. a. “Polivate”) can earn you BluePrints (BPs) for the same-age Great Buildings (GBs). So P/M a Bronze-age building, possibly get a Bronze-age GB BP (Statue of Zeus, Tower of Babel). Adding Forge Points (FPs ) to a specific GB can help you earn BPs of that particular GB (see further below).

24 Hrs.

Looks nice, but these will all get polished before your productions start to get motivated when friends and guild-mates click the 'Aid' button. Keep decorations to a minimum!!

4.) Don't rush through the research tree to get to the next age. Spend some time in your current age gathering goods, saving up Forge Points (FPs), and leveling up your Great Buildings (GBs). It will give you a leg up on the competition in the next age and make it easier to progress through. Patience is key if you don't want to run out of diamonds too quickly (or buy them) and/or be easy pickings for those who like to attack and plunder. (You won’t move up to the next age until you complete a research in that age. You can safely set yourself up from the previous age by putting all but the last FP on each of the 1st tier of research in the new age). You can actually put the final FPs on the 1st tier of the new age research without moving up to that new age, you just have to remember NOT to "Unlock Now".

​5.) Join a guild and play the Guild Expedition (GE or GEx)! The first 3 encounters are super-easy whether you fight or negotiate, and the 4th one is only slightly harder. This will help build up the Guild power and some of the rewards deeper in the GE can be really helpful to you (diamonds, blueprints for GBs, better fighters, etc...) Once you get a Temple of Relics (ToR) GB, you become eligible for "relics" to pop up every time you successfully complete a negotiation/attack. You can win many good things from relics, including 100 FPs, Renovation Kits, 10x military units, and more!














​6.) Starting out, polish/motivate EVERYBODY: Friends, Guildies & Neighbors (especially before opening PvP in the Iron Age). It's the quickest way to get the blueprints for the GBs. If you're looking for a particular building's blueprints -like say the Statue of Zeus, you can try putting FPs* on someone else's Zeus. If you put on the most, 2nd most, 3rd most, 4th most or 5th most (check the payouts to make sure -lower levels may only give BPs for 1st, whereas higher levels will give out BPs for all 5 positions), you'll get a blueprint and other rewards (usually FPs and/or medals) once they level it.

* - You have to unlock "Architecture" in the Iron Age before you can contribute FPs to other players' GBs









SIDE NOTE: ‘Polivating’ everyone can help reduce your chances of being plundered as the majority of players won’t attack someone who helps them. Many players scroll through their ‘Event Log’ and reciprocate anyone in the list that sat in their tavern* and/or did the P/M thing (Event Log: News Window from your Town Hall).

* - Make sure you put a tablecloth on the table in your Friends Tavern ASAP or you might lose friends to other players that have one –it gives visitors a chance to win a Forge Point (FP)








​7.) NEVER put the last FP of a level on someone else's GB unless they say that it's OK. When you level your GB, you can sometimes double-dip. Basically you wait for the rewards for your GB to become available, collect them, then add the few FPs needed to jump your GB to the next level ("leveling" it) and pick-up the new rewards. You just double-dipped on your GB -but if someone leveled it before you could add the FPs yourself, you miss out on the rewards from the previous level and only get the rewards from the new level.

​8.) Try to keep a 4x4 spot in your city filled up with 4 extra blacksmiths, even in much higher ages. They don't produce a lot, but they have the smallest footprint of any production building. You will sometimes get quests requiring that you complete 10 or more 4 or 8-hour (or more) productions, and those BS buildings can be life-savers when that happens! AS an Iron Age or EMA player, you can also later use those spots for either the Lighthouse of Alexandria or the Tower of Babel, both of which will be among the first GBs you get a full set of blueprints for, and they both have a 4x4 footprint.














​9.) Respect the Medals! They can be used to purchase land expansions and extra turns in GE.






10.) Have fun (and keep the drama out of it)! If something happens that rubs you the wrong way, try to brush it off. Remember that the majority of interactions in this game are text-based or via recorded on-screen actions (plundering, attacking, etc…) that don’t include facial expressions, body language, etc... and not everyone is great at grammar/spelling.


Some folks use strategies that we don’t understand, but it seems to work for them. So be it, remember that as much as you think of this as ‘your’ game –so do they. :)


And one more thing: many people have limited time and therefore may not actually interact much. A little acceptance and understanding usually makes for a smoother ride. :)

Come join our guild (CaveBalls) on Z world (Zorskog) and we'll give you even more tips and tricks!


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