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Stop No. 4 (see below for My Music)
Stop No 4

Check out this fantastic version of Tchaikovsky's 1812 OVERTURE  with Cannons, Fireworks, and a Bell Tower all being used as part of the song! It's a powerful and moving rendition by the Musical Society of Algemesi (Spain), and it's a song that connects us! Imagine all the times this song has been played, all the people involved with that, and all the people who have heard it over the centuries! So sit back, reflect on that, and allow the music to wash over you, or continue on with other tasks. Classical can be awesome background music for work and chores!

(For the impatient: you can FF to right around the 12:00 minute mark or so for the exciting stuff.)

Here are some popular, modern classical songs:

"Chariots of Fire" performed by a live orchestra in HD


"The Imperial March"

by John Williams performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic


A modern metal version of a classical song: "Hall of the Mountain King" performed by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (originally Savatage)

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My Music

My songs are composed mostly as background music--something to listen to while you work, run errands, knock out some chores, etc. They're similar to classical music in that respect, but with things I enjoy, such as deep bass grooves, "ear candy" nuggets like panning (stereo) and fades (in/out), and, of course, bits of guitar sprinkled throughout! So grab your favorite headphones or hook up your best wi-fi speaker(s) and get your groove on!

Back View 2020 EP

Left Side View EP

Right Side View EP

Front View EP

Rough Draft EP

All my releases in one playlist:

"The really good music, whether of the East or of the West, cannot be analyzed."

-Albert Einstein

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