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Guild Expedition (Negotiations)

FoE -Winning at the Guild Expedition (GE or GEx) via negotiations.

Each negotiation encounter in the GE involves 5 chieftains. You get 3 guesses* with each chieftain to figure out what they want.

* - You can use a 1,500 tavern silver boost that lasts 15 min. for 4 guesses per encounter once your tavern is at a high enough level. There is also a 3,000 tavern silver 30-minute boost.



The first 2 encounters are super-easy. You have 2 choices (coins or supplies). So guess coins across the board. Any that are wrong will be supplies. Remember, the negotiations are a process of elimination. You will want to keep this in mind as you progress to harder encounters



I've changed the "Incorrect" ones to Supplies below:




As you progress, the challenges will get harder because you will have more choices. After the first 2 encounters, your choices will be coins, supplies and a certain good. (Keep in mind that every time you offer something it disappears from your inventory whether it ends up as the correct answer or not. The chieftains are greedy!)


At this point, I go coins, supplies, coins, supplies, coins. I always lead-off with whatever I have the most of, and most players will have more coins than anything, followed by supplies. Notice I ignored the goods (glass) that are a choice.


I try to be very protective of my goods because if you plan on doing Tiers 3 and 4 of GE, you will start eating through your goods very quickly as the number of goods required per guess will jump from 1 to 5 or more depending on your age.


​For any coin offering that ends up “wrong person”, I switch to supplies for the next guess. For any supplies offering that end up “wrong person”, I switch to coins for the next guess.


Any offering that ends up “Incorrect” tells me that item has been completely eliminated from this encounter, and I change my next offerings accordingly.


"Wrong Person" = one of the chieftains wants this, but it isn't the chieftain you chose.

"Incorrect" = none of the chieftains want this. It has been completely eliminated from this encounter,

In the example below, I now know that each remaining chieftain wants the goods (glass) because both 'coins' and 'supplies' are now "incorrect". This is a good example where my method ends up more efficient than guessing all coins, then all supplies, then all goods which would've required a 3rd guess to complete this puzzle.


As stated, some people prefer to go Coins across the board. If any are wrong, they will then go supplies across the board. Finally, if any are still wrong, they know it is the Goods. Nothing wrong with this method, I just find that for me, my method seems to solve the puzzle faster and more efficiently in a fair amount of cases


The key to remember is encounters are a game of elimination. So when you're deep in level 3 or 4 of GE (make sure you've activated the extra guess boost from your tavern!), and you have 10 possible choices:

1.) choose everything from one row,

2.) then try to eliminate as much as possible in the next row with turns 2 and 3

3.) Use your deductive reasoning to figure it out in turn 4!

4.) 10 diamonds come up as a prize often enough that if you KNOW you can solve it with ONE more guess, go ahead and spend the 10 diamonds -you'll probably get 'em back somewhere on that same level.

Come join our guild (CaveBalls) on Z world (Zorskog) and we'll give you even more GE tips and tricks!


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