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Starting Music for Apr. 1st, 2022

This blog is on hiatus for the next few days while I try to implement some technical upgrades. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, here are today's regularly scheduled songs:

Electronic Track (Heavy Dubstep, a. k. a. Filthy):

Considering how April is coming on the scene in this part of the world, SeamlessR's (the 'R' is silent) "Codename Hurricane" seemed like an appropriate track. The way it moves from calm to crazy is also fitting to our weather pattern over these last few weeks.

The Wrap:

Borrowed from

“Parabola” is a celebration of life, the "holy experience" of birth, and the unlikely opportunity that we all share to be temporarily conscious of each other and the world around us. This song focuses on the realization, through our bodily experience, that others share the same limitations and desires as we do, and we will all eventually fade back into nothingness, as we were before our births. This realization of our own mortality urges us to treasure the life we have, use it to the best of our ability, and ignore base, unnecessary, untenable desires that detract from the richness of our experience of life.


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