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Starting Music for Apr. 24th, 2022

Today's regularly scheduled tunes:

Electronic Track (new wavish): "Fast Fire" by Liquid Muffin

This is another fine example of why I wish the Liquid Muffin duo were still making music (and maybe they are, just not on SoundCloud anymore). The synths in this have a really nice crisp sound and while the drumbeat is a bit formulaic, it kind of has to be in order to hold all the different sounds and rhythms together nicely. -Enjoy!

The Wrap (metalish): "Can I Play with Madness" by Iron Maiden

Although the video shows an irritated art instructor getting angry at a student for employing the band's mascot Eddie in a sketch of Tintern Abbey ruins, it's a loose interpretation of what the song is about. Basically, a young man goes to a prophet with a crystal ball to see the future, only to wind up struggling with madness when he does. He cries out to prophet for help, but then ignores what the prophet tells him, and the two become angry with one another.

Side note: this is one of the last video appearances of Monty Python's Graham Chapman (RiP)

No regular blog post on Sundays


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