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Starting Music for May 07th, 2022

Just today's music links:

Electronic Track (dubish;): "The Time Traveller" by Getsix

Playlist: M4G Best of Dub, Trap, and More // Album: N/A // Released: 2015

(Ed. Note: not recommended for those who find high-pitched sounds irritating)

Keep Rockin' the Heavy Bass my friends, but don't forget to chill every once in a while!!

(NSFW warning –this track will highlight any listener comments as it plays, and not everyone uses nice words; also, be aware that if you go to SoundCloud, its algorithm isn't great at picking similar songs to play next and can sometimes pick songs with questionable lyrics -just hit the fast-forward/next button or search for a specific genre/artist)


The Wrap (original: popish): "Chase The Fire" by The Fixx

Playlist: N/A // Source: YouTube // Track: 04 // Album: Walkabout // Released: 1986

The Wrap (remake: popish): "Chase The Fire" by Tristraum

Playlist: Randomly Cool Big List No.1 // Source: Spotify // Track: 03 // Album: The Fixx: An Electronic tribute // Released: 2005


Today's full blog:


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