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Starting Music for Feb. 06, 2022

Good morning, NE Ohio and the rest of the world! It’s SUNDAY, Feb. 6th –the 37th day of the year. Here in the Hall of Fame city, we have Sunny skies (2 in-a-row!) to start the day, an expected low of 11 degrees Fahrenheit early this morning, and an expected high of 34. We saw 0.02” of precipitation and 0.30” of snowfall yesterday and overnight. The overnight recorded snow depth is now approximately 12.00”. Winds are out of the South at 10 mph (explaining the slight warmup), barometric pressure is sitting at 30.41, and the humidity is 83%.

The sun came up 1 minute earlier than yesterday at 7:30 a.m. and will set 1 min. later than yesterday at 5:49 hours. The moon is waxing crescent at 31.7% and came out at 10:33 a.m. It will set at 11:59 hours.

On this date 30 years ago, I was working as a temp for a company called Precision Tooling & Development Co. in Carrollton, TX completely unaware that working for the owner would lead to my year of living out a country song. I lost my car, my job, my house, my wife, etc. (*sigh*) On a brighter note, today’s birthdays include James Braid (golf pioneer), President Ronald Reagan, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (we watched many an episode of Green Acres growing up), and rastafarian/musician Bob Marley (One Love people!).

Moving on to sports -today I’ll be rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) vs. the Indiana Pacers, the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Atlanta Hawks, the #16 Ohio State Buckeyes (Men’s NCAA Basketball) vs. the Maryland Terrapins, and the Akron Zips vs. the Miami (OH) RedHawks. Last night, the Golden Flashes beat the Eagles, and the Mean Green beat the Roadrunners!

The stock markets were closed yesterday, as they always are on the weekend, so no stock price changes to report, but the cryptocurrency Etherium was down $0.03 to $2.23/coin. By the way, I use Stockpile for typical shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there. My Etherium is tied to my Minds account. Minds is an alternative social site that I was using to help grow my music audience. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a bit extreme since I started using it, so I mostly just drop-in periodically to check my wallet and respond to any activity directed at me.

Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with the next song in my playlist –“Carnival” by Natalie Merchant. This is a song from her debut solo album “Tigerlily” and compares day-to-day life in New York City to the things you see in a carnival. I’ve always found her voice mesmerizing and the lyrics are greatness!

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.


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