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I play guitar and make electronic music. Music has always been a large part of my life. During my formative years, you were more likely to catch my parents listening to records than watching TV. As a tween, I often made up lyrics to songs in my head. Eventually, I was gifted an electric guitar by one of my uncles and taught myself how to play by ear. Although my tastes leaned more towards hard rock and heavy metal, I also enjoyed the subtle nuances of classical music. I was always amazed how composers could write out the sounds in their mind in much the same manner that someone might write a book.

Unfortunately, we moved around a lot while I was growing up, so I never got to settle in with a chorus or band, and we couldn’t afford lessons, so most of my music was stuck in my head with no way to get out. I ended up putting music on the back burner as my interest in sports and athletic abilities grew, but I always came back to my music. It would often have the same effect on me as a good book.

I eventually taught myself how to play guitar, and how to fumble around on keyboards and bass guitars well enough to be serviceable. I can even bang out basic beats on the drums, but I’ve always wanted the ability to compose an entire song—no matter the instrument required. I also like the idea of being able to do the final production, so that is where my interest in electronic music formed. With the software I use, I can “play” any instrument with nearly any set of effects, and make an infinite amount of edits until I’m happy or worn out—whichever comes first!

For me, every song is a journey, even if I’ve heard it before, as often my mood can dictate my interpretation of each song and what I focus on with my listening. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes it’s the music, and sometimes it’s other things like a particular instrument, a certain part of the song that I anticipate, or the production value. I feel like if others cleared their minds for listening, they might enjoy music as much as I do. So come along and enjoy the journey with me here on!

P.S. Head over to the forum for some fun -and feel free to contribute! Just, you know, be cool and keep this side of outrageous.  :)

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