Starting Music for Mar. 29th, 2022

Aloha world! I hope you are well and enjoying this National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day. If you know one, take a moment to sincerely ask them how they’re doing. Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Tuesday, Mar. 29th –the 88th day of the year. We are starting with sunny skies. Following are the weather stats, astronomy highlights, music suggestions, and more (clicking on the images will enlarge them for easier reading).


Forecast temps for yesterday they were 21 and 28.


Legend: asterism = like a constellation, but smaller; binary system = solar system w/2 stars; elongation = furthest point in orbit form Earth’s PoV); occult = in front of; terminator = line between light and dark

Solar Cycle 25 auroras alert: Sunspot AR2975 continues to show high activity. Auroras are likely towards the end of the month, and possible U.S. visibility areas could stretch southward as far as New York and Idaho (details at

For those of you without a telescope, binoculars, or clear skies, check out this interactive virtual sky map:


Beware of ‘big tech’ tracking. While mostly harmless, data breaches do occur, and if you do any online financial transactions, you’ll want to be extra cautious. Here are some steps you can take.

1.) Opt out of all unnecessary cookies.

2.) Don’t do those ‘what kind of animal are you’-type surveys, they’re just marketing tools.

3.) Don’t ‘like’ posts if you can’t find/don’t trust the source.

4.) Avoid sketchy sites.

Here’s your ‘big tech’ daily tracking report:

–and this is just my main PC; it does not include my secondary PC or mobile devices!


I miss hearing the silly East Texas sayings an old friend used to say. One of my favorites was this one: “Why, that’s lower than a pregnant snake’s belly stuck in a wagon rut!”

On this date in 1997, my friends and I were participating in the 5th annual Jeffries Street Learning Center Hoop-A-Thon sponsored by Spud Webb. I don’t seem to have recorded the results, so it probably wasn’t good.

It looks like the U.S. Men’s soccer might actually do something this year. They didn’t get blown out of Azteca when they played Mexico, and actually had several chances to pull out a win. Now they are all but guaranteed a spot in the World Cup later in June (Qatar) after routing Panama. Good for them. I still haven’t watched a full match of any sort, but I do find myself watching longer portions of said matches.

Kudos to the Saint Peter’s Peacocks basketball (men’s) team and their student body of less than 3,000. What a run they had in the tourney, and hopefully most of the students got to enjoy it. Hard to believe that North Carolina’s win has setup their first-ever showdown with arch-rival Duke in tournament history, considering how many times both schools have been in it.

March 25th was unofficially International Waffle Day. It didn’t get a mention in this blog because I prefer to list official and/or traditional holidays over unofficial ones, but did you know that this one came about due to a spelling error? It seems that the Swedish word for ‘waffle day’ is Vaffeldagen, and someone misconstrued Varfrudagen for it. Varfrudagen is the Swedish word for “Or Lady’s Day” and is meant to celebrate the Virgin Mary being told she was pregnant. Still, it’s not like the two don’t go together. What’s a pregnancy without a craving for pickles, ice cream, and waffles?


Tips for properly enjoying electronic music:

1.) Listen through a decent set of headphones or a good set of speakers before you judge the tracks.

2.) Remember that most electronic tunes are not meant for mobile devices or mono-style speakers.

3.) A lot of time and effort goes into getting each and every note just right –respect the process.

4.) Try listening both ways to hear the difference for yourself.

5.) Bass adjustment may be required as the low end is sometimes cranked up by the artist.

Enjoy the track(s):

“West Blows The Wind” by Pulse Modulators.

This instrumental track kind of has a Tom Petty-feel to it, albeit without his trademark nasal vocal style, but it’s pretty easy to imagine him spitting some lyrics over it. The artist(s) describe this song as, “a heavy bluesy rock track to close your eyes and dream to...” Works for me.

Expand your musical boundaries and give the track(s) a listen.