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Starting Music for March 10th, 2022

Aloha world! Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Thursday, Mar. 10th –the 69th day of the year. On this International Day of Women Judges/World Kidney Day, we are starting with sunny skies. Following are the weather stats from 8:30 a.m. -Almost forgot: shout-out for a VERY Happy Birthday to my Niece's middle daughter! Much love young miss!

Sunrise = 06:45 hours; yesterday = 06:46 hours

Sunset = 18:26 hours; yesterday = 18:25 hours

Forecast high = 48; yesterday = 44; actual = 45

Forecast low = 29; yesterday = 34; actual = 33

Winds = N, 0-3 mph; yesterday = NE, 0-5 mph

Barometric Pressure = 30.17; yesterday = 29.94

Humidity = 79%; yesterday = 76%

Precipitation yesterday = 0.01”; previous day = Trace

Snowfall yesterday = 0.10”; previous day = Trace

Official snow depth yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Moon phase = Waxing Gibbous (51.2%); yesterday = 1st Quarter (42.1%)

Moonrise = 11:01 hours; yesterday = 10:23 hours

Apogee (farthest away in its orbit) = 18:04 hours (251,200 miles away)

Moonset = 01:54 hours; yesterday = 00:53 hours


For those of you with a decent telescope or very strong binoculars and clear skies in the evening/overnight can view some lunar highlights with this phase (1st Qtr.) allowing for high-contrast shadows that shift every few hours. Look to the terminator (the line between light and dark) for the most obvious.

For those of you without a telescope, binoculars, or clear skies, check out this interactive virtual sky map:


I opt out of all unnecessary cookies, don’t do those ‘what kind of animal are you?’-type surveys, don’t ‘like’ posts my friends/family share if I can’t find/don’t trust the source, and avoid most of the ‘big media’ sites. Nonetheless, I still have to remove trackers every morning:

Today = 7,534; yesterday = 8,233; running total = 200,234 (25 days)


Things that I find ironic:

Irony #10 – Me thinking that anyone gives a flying monkey’s butt what I find ironic. I mean, I’m just a mixed-up knucklehead who was born a rebel (S.C.), raised a yankee, and spent enough time in the Lone Star state to be considered an adopted Texan. So what do I know? I may have above average intelligence [93 percentile ASVAB (1986); former Mensa member], but socially, I’m a frickin’ moron who has managed to ruin pretty much every relationship I’ve ever had by either saying or doing something stupid. This is one many things that led me to becoming a bit of a hermit. I figured there would be less pain in my world and the world in general this way. Of course, I also make pre-Fiona Shrek look good (a. k. a. -a face for radio), so there’s that.

So what keeps me going? Well, for most of my life my mother never left me wondering if she loved me. She was great about that. She might yell at me, scold me, and punish me, but she never made me doubt her love for me. She also instilled an inner faith in me. We tried several religions growing up, but the one consistent was just having an inner dialogue with God on a daily basis. So, when I struggled with depression as a teenager and most of my young adult life, the one thing that kept me going was knowing how much losing me would hurt her and possibly cause her to think the constant struggle of being a single parent raising three kids wasn’t worth it.

I sincerely hope you have at least one person in your life who makes you feel the same way. And if not, consider me that person. Whether we know each other or not, the thought that someone would end their existence over loneliness and pain truly breaks my heart because I’ve been there.

I would also encourage you to check out YouVersion on your computer or mobile device. They offer daily encouragement, and I have found the “Genesis Explained,” “Revelations Explained,” “Romans Explained,” etc. plans to have amazing insight on applying the true message in the Bible to today’s crazy world.

Anyway, that’s my Top 10 Ironies in the World Today. Now I have to figure out what to put in this space moving forward. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

One more thing, check out this amazing video of Annie Lennox and David Bowie singing “Under Pressure.” Why can’t we give love one more chance?

Moving onward..


1849 – 1st and only President to apply for a patent (Abraham Lincoln; boat lift)

1876 – 1st phone call (accidentally) as Alexander Graham Bell calls for his assistant Mr. Watson

1959– Bill Veeck pays Dorothy Comiskey Rigney $27M for her 54% share of the Chicago White Sox (MLB)

1963 – 1st ‘official’ game for Pete Rose (MLB all-time hits leader); gets a hit in each of his first 2 at-bats

1978 – 1st episode of comic book artist/writer Jack Kirby’s “The Incredible Hulk” premieres on CBS starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk (I think we watched nearly every episode growing up)

1997 – 1st PalmPilot is released (developed by Jeffrey Hawkins)

2000 – The NASDAQ peaks at 5,132.52; it’s all downhill after this for the dot-com boom

2020 – Putin coerces the lower house of Russian Parliament to pass legislation allowing him to hold office as President for Life, meaning he never has to face elections or step down


1847 – Kate Sheppard (prominent member of New Zealand women’s suffrage movement)

1867 – Ohio’s own Lillian Wald (pioneering nurse/activist; started American community nursing with the Henry Street Settlement in NYC)

1940 – Chuck Norris (He doesn’t read books, he stares them down until he gets the information he wants!; he can divide by zero!; he doesn’t do push-ups –he pushes the Earth down! LoLs)

1977 - American Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller (Gold/silver/Bronze 1992; 1996)


NBA (upcoming)

(no games for my teams scheduled)

NHL (upcoming)

Columbus Blue Jackets (28-26-3) vs. New York Islanders (21-24-8)

MLB (upcoming)

(All spring games cancelled through March 14th; 1st four regular-season series for all MLB teams cancelled. The people in charge are tone-deaf: millionaires arguing over money while much of the world, especially those who rely on MLB sales, struggle to make ends meet. Baseball was already falling behind in popularity, this ain’t helping. If not for their greed we could be watching/listening to..)

Cleveland Guardians (0-0) vs. Kansas City Royals (0-0)

Texas Rangers (0-0) San Diego Padres (0-0)

MLS (upcoming)

Mar. 12th – Columbus Crew (1-1-0) vs. Toronto FC (0-1-1)

Mar. 12th – FC Dallas (0-1-1-) vs. Nashville SC (1-1-0)

..and the following collegiate teams..

NCAA Men’s basketball (upcoming)

(upcoming; bracket numbers = team’s seed where applicable)

[6] Ohio State Buckeyes (19-10) vs. [11] Penn State Nittany Lions (13-16)

[2] Kent State Golden Flashes (21-9) vs. [7] Miami (OH) Redhawks (14-17)

[4] Akron Zips (21-9) vs. [5] Buffalo Bulls (19-10)

[1] North Texas Mean Green (23-5) vs. [5] Rice Owls (16-15)

NCAA Women’s Basketball Division Championships Tournament

(upcoming; bracket numbers = team’s seed where applicable)

[2] North Texas Mean Green (16-11) vs. [3] Old Dominion Monarchs (23-8)

Yesterday/last night in professional sports, the Mavs fell for the trap against the Knicks.

In collegiate sports, the Lady Zips too care of the Lady Falcons, but the the Lady Mustangs got lanced by the Lady Knights.


My itty-bitty portfolio and everything that I’m watching saw mixed results at the close of yesterday’s markets. (NOTE: “overall” below refers to: since I’ve been tracking daily; mid-January for MTCH and T; mid-February for VMEO).

MTCH +$3.86/share; -$16.91/share overall

(soon to be replaced; seems the things I find on my own –like NOA and VMEO -perform better than most “expert” picks)

VMEO +$0.53/share; +$0.03/share overall

T (AT&T) -$0.19/share; -$1.95/share overall

The Minds coins cryptocurrency (based on Ethereum) was down this morning, approximately -$0.06 to ~$1.32/coin; -$1.55/coin overall

Check out Stockpile for traditional shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there.


Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with “Down In A Hole” by Alice in Chains. This is the 4th track on the album ‘Dirt’ (1992), depending on which version you have as it also appears as the 11th or 12th track on other versions. Contrary to popular belief, Jerry Cantrell wrote it for his then-girlfriend, not Layne Staley as a self-indictment.

Sometimes it does a body good to feel a moment or two of unhappiness in order to appreciate what’s still good in their life, or to remember a time when they struggled and how they managed to pull through.

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, Keep Your Head Right with Ball, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.


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