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Starting Music for Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2022

Aloha world! Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Wednesday, Feb. 23rd –the 54th day of the year. We’re starting the 3rd week from Groundhog’s Day with cloudy skies. Following are the weather stats from 8:30 a.m.

Sunrise = 07:08 hours; yesterday = 07:09 hours

Sunset = 18:09 hours; yesterday = 18:08 hours

Our high was just after midnight = 58; yesterday = 61; actual = 61

Forecast low = 26; yesterday = 49; actual = 48

Winds = NW, 0-14 mph; yesterday = S, 5-17 mph

Barometric Pressure = 30.18; yesterday = 30.00

Humidity = 82%; yesterday = 74%

Precipitation yesterday = 0.56”; previous day = 0.00”

Snowfall yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Official snow depth yesterday = 0.0”; previous day = 0.0”

Moon phase = 3rd Quarter (54.6%); yesterday = Waning Gibbous (65.5%)

Moonrise = 0:56 hours; yesterday = after midnight (0:56 hours)

Moonset = 10:50 hours; yesterday = 10:16 hours

Those of you with clear, dark skies will be able to see Libra on one side and Scorpius (no, not the Farscape character!) on the other soon after midnight. A few hours later, the rest of Scorpius will be visible. Follow a line SE from the moon to find the heart, a. k. a. Antares. A little further west is the globular cluster M4 (best viewed with binoculars or a small telescope). Following southeast along the tail, at the tip of it you will find the stars Shaula and Lesath. Happy slewing!

Trackers removed:

Today = 6,947; yesterday = 7,395; running total = 94,226

The telltale signs of a tracking bot:

*Thousands of subscriptions, maybe a dozen subscribers *Only picture posts *No avatar or banner image *No "About" description *"Visit my blog" and not much else *Subscribed to you without expressing any interest in your page **Block these pages and DO NOT share their posts!**

On this date...

1455 – 1st Bible printed by Johannes Gutenberg

1782 – 1st patent for the sun-and-planet gear as applied to a steam engine was granted to James Watt

1836 – Battle of the Alamo begins

1927 – Federal Radio Commission (FRC) is created by President Calvin Coolidge

2020 – 1st major outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe

Today’s birthdays include…

1685 – George Frideric Handel (composer, organist)

1868 – W.E.B. Du Bois (civil rights activist, NAACP founder)

1889 – Victor Fleming (directed “The wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind”)

1965 – Michael Dell (Dell computers founder)

1983 – Emily Blunt (actress; I thought she was great in Edge of Tomorrow, and pretty doggone funny in The Jungle Cruise opposite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson; their interviews together are pretty entertaining)

1995 – Andrew Wiggins (NBA)

Moving on to sports –tonight I’ll be rooting the following professional teams..


(no games until Thursday as everyone settles back in after the All-Star weekend)


Dallas Stars (27-20-2) vs. Winnipeg Jets (27-20-8)

..and the following collegiate teams..

NCAA Men’s basketball

SMU Mustangs (19-6) vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes (9-16)

NCAA Women’s basktball

Kent State Golden Flashes (16-9) vs. Miami (OH) Redhawks (8-17)

Akron Zips (13-9) vs. Bowling Green Falcons (13-12)

SMU Mustangs (12-10) vs. Tulane Green Wave (18-7)

Yesterday/last night in professional sports, the Blue Jackets got by the Maple Leafs. In collegiate sports, the Golden Flashes took care of the Cardinals, and the Zips beat the Falcons.


Everything that I’m watching and everything in my itty-bitty (but growing!) portfolio was down at the close of yesterday’s markets, but, “I ain’t scerred,” I’ll just be “Ridin’ the Storm Out!” (NOTE: “overall” below refers to: since I’ve been tracking daily; mid-January for MTCH and T; mid-February for VMEO).

MTCH -$0.40/share; -$8.68/share overall

VMEO -$0.09/share; -$0.41/share overall

T (AT&T) -$0.12/share; -$1.46/share overall

The Minds coins cryptocurrency (based on Ethereum) was up this morning approximately +$0.11 to ~$1.90/coin; -$0.97/coin overall.

Check out Stockpile for traditional shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there.

Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with the next song in my playlist –“Long Road Out of Eden” by the Eagles from the album with the same title (2007). The song was written by Don Henley (drums, vocals), Glenn Fry (guitar, vocals; RIP), and Timothy B. Schmidt (bass, vocals). This song dives deep into the way information gets disseminated in modern times. You have screaming cable news anchors and clickbait internet stories taking the place of well-researched, nuanced coverage. And more than ever it is driven by those with fat wallets and self-interests.

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, Keep Your Head Right with Ball, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.


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