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Musical Start for March 2nd, 2022

Aloha world! Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Wednesday, Mar. 2nd –the 61st day of the year. On this Ash Wednesday/Texas Independence/Read Across America day, we have sunny skies and no snow on the ground. Following are the weather stats from 8:15 a.m.

Sunrise = 06:57 hours; yesterday = 06:59 hours

Sunset = 18:17 hours; yesterday = 18:16 hours

Forecast high = 52; yesterday = 53; actual = 51

Forecast low = 30; yesterday = 35; actual = 35

Winds = NE, 0-5 mph; yesterday = E, 0-7 mph

Barometric Pressure = 30.10; yesterday = 29.99

Humidity = 81%; yesterday = 60%

Precipitation yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Snowfall yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Official snow depth yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Moon phase = New (0.2%); yesterday = Waning Crescent (2.1%)

Moonrise = 07:20 hours; yesterday = 06:49 hours

Moonset = 18:20 hours; yesterday = 17:07 hours


This evening, those of you with clear skies can enjoy the darkened skies provided by the New Moon. If you were up early, you could see Mercury and Saturn in close proximity to one another, with Venus west along the ecliptic and Mars to its lower right. It’s okay if you missed it, they’ll remain in the same general areas for the next few days (clear skies are a different story). Happy slewing! (Side Note: We may be in for a stronger-than-expected Solar Cycle 25 thanks to the Termination Event. Check out for more.)


I opt out of all unnecessary cookies, don’t do those ‘what kind of animal are you?’-type surveys, don’t ‘like’ posts my friends/family share if I can’t find/don’t trust the source, and avoid most of the ‘big media’ sites. Nonetheless, I still have to remove trackers every morning:

Today = 8,240; yesterday = 5,316; running total = 136,799 (19 days)


Things that I find ironic:

Irony #03 – The days where you try to get stuff done and they end up being super difficult. Sometimes it makes you feel like throwing your arms up in the air and saying, “To hell with everyone and everything!” “What’s the point of trying when Murphy’s Law has a say in everything?”

Got up early to try and get this written:

Every little chore turned into a frickin’ project and my nose wouldn’t stop running. You’d be surprised

how much time stopping to blow your nose every few minutes takes up.

Digestive system also decided to act up.

Decided to try a humidifier to improve dry sinuses and dust:

Hit my head on a small shelf and knocked off everything trying to plug it in only to have..

..the first outlet not work (it’s an old house).

Tried to give the cats flea medicine in their food:

Of course, they turned their noses up at it despite previously showing signs of being really hungry. It’s

like trying to get kids to eat vegetables.

Put on a clean shirt, so of course..

..I spilled juice down the front of it.

The destructive groundhog that has taken up residence under my enclosed patio is out of hibernation. Speaking of, it’s officially 4 weeks since Groundhog Day. How’s that forecast looking?

And, to top it all off, I have a lovely sinus headache in the works. I can’t WAIT to see what the rest of the day has up its sleeve.

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to even try. {sigh} At least the robins are back and the weekend is supposed to be warm, albeit a bit wet.

Moving onward..


1836 – Republic of Texas declares Independence from Mexico

1877– Rutherford B. Hayes (R) declared President (19th) by US Electoral Commission with 185 to 184 margin over Samuel J. Tilden (D)

1903 – Martha Washington Hotel, named after the first First Lady, opens in NYC and caters only to women.

1933 – 1st premiere of the original King Kong movie starring Fay Wray (It used to be quite the Thanksgiving Day TV-watching tradition)

1962 –Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain scores 100 points in an NBA game (a record that still stands)

1965 – 1st premiere of the “The Sound of Music” starring Julie Andrews

1977 – 1st woman to receive American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award (Bette Davis)

1981 – Minor planet 5020 Asimov discovered (named after sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov)


1793 – Sam Houston (1st President of The Republic of Texas)

1904 – Dr. Suess (Theodore Geisel; I drove my folks crazy with requests for a reading of Green Eggs and Ham as a child!)

1931 – Mikhail Gorbachev (worked with President Ronald Reagan and Germany to “Bring down that wall!” It seemed like such a hopeful time. Listen to the Scorpions’ song “Winds of Change” to get an idea. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Seems like things just keep moving in a downward spiral)

1974 – Hayley Lewis (Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer; TV personality)

1980 – Rebel Wilson (actress; producer)

1981 – Bryce Dallas Howard (actress; I enjoyed her work in the Jurassic World movies)


NBA (upcoming)

Cleveland Cavaliers (36-25) vs. Charlotte Hornets (30-33)

NHL (upcoming)

Dallas Stars (29-20-3) vs. Los Angeles Kings (29-18-7)

MLB (upcoming)

(All spring games cancelled through March 07th; 1st two regular-season series for all MLB teams cancelled. The people in charge are tone-deaf: millionaires arguing over money while much of the world, especially those who rely on MLB sales, struggle to make ends meet. Baseball was already falling behind in popularity, this ain’t helping. If not for their greed we could be watching/listening to..)

Cleveland Guardians (0-0) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (0-0)

Texas Rangers (0-0) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (0-0)

MLS (upcoming)

(No teams that I follow scheduled to play until Saturday)

..and the following collegiate teams..

NCAA Men’s basketball (upcoming)

(No teams that I follow are scheduled)

NCAA Women’s basketball (upcoming)

Kent State Golden Flashes (17-10) vs. Bowling Green Falcons (14-13)

Akron Zips (15-9) vs. Buffalo Bulls (20-8)

SMU Mustangs (13-12) vs. Temple Owls (12-14)

Yesterday/last night in professional sports, the Blue Jackets held on for a nice win vs. the Devils and the Mavs beat the Lakers. In collegiate sports, the Buckeyes looked lost again, this time in a loss to the Cornhuskers. At this point they’re looking one-and-done if they make the NCAA tournament. They might be better off in the NIT if they even get an invite. Meanwhile, the Golden Flashes avenged an earlier loss to the Huskies, and the Zips beat the Cardinals.


My itty-bitty portfolio and everything that I’m watching saw mixed results this morning on the markets. (NOTE: “overall” below refers to: since I’ve been tracking daily; mid-January for MTCH and T; mid-February for VMEO).

MTCH -$4.06/share; -$8.41/share overall

VMEO -$0.53/share; -$0.49/share overall

T (AT&T) +$0.02/share; -$1.50/share overall

The Minds coins cryptocurrency (based on Ethereum) was up a bit more this morning, approximately +$0.07 to ~$1.68/coin; -$1.19/coin overall.

Check out Stockpile for traditional shares because you can order by a dollar amount instead of whole shares and build from there. If you’re confident of a bounce-back from the markets in the coming months, it’s a good time to invest.


Well, that’s a wrap. I’ll be starting the day off with “Winds of Change” by the Scorpions from the Crazy World album (1990). It seems like we’ve fallen so far, so fast, and there doesn’t appear to be any hope for a way back to being agreeable, even if it’s just agreeing to disagree.

Remember, Fear is the Mind-Killer, Don’t Panic, Keep Your Head Right with Ball, and May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.



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