Starting Music for March 8th, 2022

Aloha world! Here in the Hall of Fame city located in NE Ohio (USA), it is Tuesday, Mar. 8th –the 67th day of the year. On this International Women’s Day, we are starting with partly cloudy skies. We are also currently under a Flood Warning (expires at 9:15 A.M.) in Canton, North Canton, and Meyers Lake due to the excessive rainfall over the past couple of days: 2.10”! Following are the weather stats from 8:15 a.m.

Sunrise = 06:48 hours; yesterday = 06:50 hours

Sunset = 18:24 hours; yesterday = 18:23 hours

Forecast high = 42; yesterday = 59; actual = 61

Forecast low = 31; yesterday = 36; actual = 34

Winds = NW, 0-10 mph; yesterday = E, 0-8 mph (increasing throughout the day)

Barometric Pressure = 30.23; yesterday = 29.69

Humidity = 64%; yesterday = 86%

Precipitation yesterday = 1.96”*; previous day = 0.14”

* - that’s the most I’ve tracked going back to November of last year!

Snowfall yesterday = Trace; previous day = 0.00”

Official snow depth yesterday = 0.00”; previous day = 0.00”

Moon phase = Waxing Crescent (32.5%); yesterday = Waxing Crescent (23.8%)

Moonrise = 09:50 hours; yesterday = 09:27 hours

Moonset = N/A (after midnight); yesterday = 23:51 hours


The main events for those of you with clear skies happen in the early morning hours. Mercury will be disappearing soon as it heads for superior conjunction (behind the sun from our point of view) in April.

If you have a decent telescope or very strong binoculars and a clear view of your eastern horizon, you can spot the solar system’s fastest moving planet about 20 minutes before sunrise (the time will decrease as the week goes by). Look for it in Aquarius, which is also currently ‘containing’ the Sun. For now, Mercury outshines its higher-up-and-to-the-west neighbor Saturn. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars both now appear in the western portion of Capricornus.

For those of you without a telescope, binoculars, or clear skies, check out this interactive virtual sky map:


I opt out of all unnecessary cookies, don’t do those ‘what kind of animal are you?’-type surveys, don’t ‘like’ posts my friends/family share if I can’t find/don’t trust the source, and avoid most of the ‘big media’ sites. Nonetheless, I still have to remove trackers every morning:

Today = 10,062; yesterday = 11,474; running total = 184,467 (23 days)


Things that I find ironic:

Irony #08 – Insulting people who have a differing opinion from yours. What do you hope to accomplish here? Think about it. Would you be swayed by someone insulting you? Probably not. If anything, it’s going to start a cycle of negative energy.

I remember growing up when slinging mud was reserved for desperate politicians hoping to get re-elected or trying anything to gain a foothold. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but it often led to many of the people I knew declaring it immoral and disgusting.

These days, you see mudslinging everywhere you turn on social media. Still wonder why it seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket? The root of the problem is fear. Fear that the ‘other side’ is winning.

Let me encourage to stop and think for a moment. If you’re trying to recruit people to your tribe, are you going to throw spears at them? You will if you fear that you don’t have the tools to recruit them to your side because you haven’t put the work in to form those tools. Quit being lazy. Look at both sides of the story so you understand where they’re coming from. However, go on and marinate on this for a moment as well. Do you really want a boring world where everyone thinks and acts the same way? That leads to stagnation and eventually demise. As for me, give me differences and change, for I fear it not.

Moving onward..


1884 – Sixteen years after the 1st introduction of a federal women’s suffrage (the right to vote) act, Susan B. Anthony argues for an amendment to the US Constitution before the US House Judiciary Committee

1917 – The Cloture Rule is introduced by the US Senate requiring a 2/3 majority to end a debate

1934– 1st photo showing as many galaxies in the universe as stars in the Milky Way (Edwin Hubble)

1962 – British TV debut for the Beatles with Pete Best on drums

1978 – 1st radio episode of the Douglas Adams classic, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” on BBC Radio 4

1986 – Martina Navratilova become the 1st tennis player to earn $10 million

1997 – My friends and I were were moving on to the loser’s bracket after starting 0-2 at the World Foot Locker Hoop-It-Up in Dallas (North Park Mall)

2014 – Disappearance of Flight MH370 with 239 souls aboard


1702 – Approximate birth date of the Irish pirate Anne Bonny

1787 – Karl Ferdinand von Graefe (German surgeon who helped create plastic surgery; originally meant to help with disfigurement)

1940 – Johnny Ventura (a. k. a. Juan de Dios Ventura; Dominican singer; merangue and salsa bandleader; Patacon Pisao)

1947 – Carole Bayer Sager (singer-songwriter)

1958 – Gary Numan (musician; “Cars”)

1965 – Kenny Smith (NBA; TV personality)


NBA (upcoming)

The injury-depleted Cleveland Cavaliers (37-27) vs. Indiana Pacers (22-44)

NHL (upcoming)

Dallas Stars (32-20-3) vs. Nashville Predators (31-20-4)

MLB (upcoming)

(All spring games cancelled through March 7th; 1st two regular-season series for all MLB teams cancelled. The people in charge are tone-deaf: millionaires arguing over money while much of the world, especially those who rely on MLB sales, struggle to make ends meet. Baseball was already falling behind in popularity, this ain’t helping. If not for their greed we could be watching/listening to..)

Cleveland Guardians {split squad} (0-0) vs. Colorado Rockies (0-0)

Cleveland Guardians {split squad} (0-0) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (0-0)

Texas Rangers {split squad or doubleheader; not sure} (0-0) vs. Chicago White Sox (0-0)

MLS (upcoming)

Mar. 12th – Columbus Crew (1-1-0) vs. Toronto FC (0-1-1)

Mar. 12th – FC Dallas (0-1-1-) vs. Nashville SC (1-1-0)

..and the following collegiate teams..

NCAA Men’s basketball (upcoming)

(no games for my teams scheduled)

NCAA Women’s Basketball Division Championships Tournament

(upcoming; bracket numbers = team’s seed where applicable)

[5] SMU Mustangs (13-13) vs. [4] Temple Owls (13-14)

Yesterday/last night in professional sports, the Mavs beat the Knicks, surviving the trap game, but the Blue Jackets lost the Maple Leafs.